Our Beginnings

We are a small family owned business here in Georgia, US and we are proud to be Black owned. 

A little bit about how we started just a few years ago.

My 9 year old daughter at the time suffered from alopecia. She developed Alopecia after suffering from a chemical burn at a local Hair Salon. Long story short, it was a very difficult time for her as she used to get teased a lot at school because of her hair. She was itching so much that her scalp would get more irritated. She had bold spots all over her head. As a mom, it was heartbreaking to see my child suffer like that. We saw many Hair specialist with no results. Everyday I was brainstorming and doing research on how to help my daughter grow healthy hair. I started reading about natural ingredients for hair and the benefits of using chemical free hair products.

Odyssey Hair Care

How Odyssey Hair Care Was Born

I decided to used only home made products for her hair with things that I already had in my kitchen. We started getting great results and her hair was growing back. Friends and Family were noticing the difference in her hair and were asking me about what we were using. The more we share the more interests we found about our new home made products. So we decided to help others as well and Odyssey Hair Care was born!

odyssey hair collection

What We Do

We provide organic hair products out of plant-derived ingredients. Our products are safer, more effective, and free of harsh chemicals. Our products are free of sulfates, parabens, PEGs, dyes, artificial fragrance, mineral oils and animal cruelty. We use the best ingredients that nature has to offer in every bottles.


about our products

Love Natural Products?

Our Handmade and unique formula is a perfect balance of moisture and protein which results in hair growth and thickness. When you use our products, you will see long lasting results. After the very first use you will feel a difference in your hair. If you have very kinky hair,our products will make them more manageable so you are able to style your hair with ease. Our products are great for natural hair or transitioning Hair. Our Products protects chemically treated hair to prevent breakage.

Get Better Results

Our Products will help you to treat dandruff, dry itchy scalp, weak hair, and falling hair, control frizz. You will soon see stronger,healthier hair with great moisture retention. We guarantee soft manageable hair after the very first used. We are committed to protect our environment and we are passionate about helping you achieve great results for your hair. Let us help you grow Stronger, Longer & Healthier Hair.

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